IN Cat Sadly Being Overlooked At Shelter Because She Is Very Shy

Allow us to introduce this week to you Pet of the week from the Vanderburgh Humane Society.

Bianca – lived the longest, here since March. She was in the cat lounge most of the time at the shelter and is overlooked because she likes to vote when she gets noticed. She would rather walk up to you than be followed and grabbed. She would get along well with other cats (probably lived in the lounge with hundreds of different cats while she was here and never had a problem). She just needs a person who understands whimsical cats and would appreciate their personality. She never hits, hisses, etc. just walks away when she doesn’t want attention. She is about 1 year old and was given up as a neighborhood animal. $ 70 and includes all stuff.

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VOLUNTEERS WANTED – Go shopping, donate items or do volunteer work on Saturdays. We want to be more open during the week, but we need the manpower, so we need people who can get involved for a day every week or every other week to run the till OR to sort and rate items!

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