Import Ban on 37 Types of Veterinary Medicines

Iranian Veterinary Organization Deputy Head Khaled Khodaverdi has banned imports of 37 types of veterinary medicines to aid domestic production.
“The import ban was imposed on five types of antibiotics and 32 multivitamins that are used in the industry. These items were chosen because the number of producers in the country has increased and they can now adequately meet domestic demand, ”he was quoted as saying by IRNA.
There are currently a total of 190 domestic companies manufacturing veterinary medicines in Iran, the official added. Of these, 44 produce drugs, eight different types of vaccines, and the rest produce vitamins and dietary supplements.
Khodaverdi found that domestic production now accounts for 95% of the demand for veterinary medicines.
“The quality of local products, which foreign counterparts have been banned from importing, is very high as several companies export their products to Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan,” he added.

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