If You Are Looking to Adopt a Cat in Amarillo Now is the Time

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Are your kids asking about a pet for your home? Yes, having a dog or a cat is a great time for the kids. It’s a great opportunity to teach them responsibility. When my daughter was growing up, we had all sorts of pets throughout her time at home.

I still have some of them. When she moved to Dallas, she originally didn’t want to bring pets. I was ok with that. I wasn’t ready to go without Cinnamon, Chipper, or Twilight. After a few years, she wanted someone to come home every day. We chatted and decided that having a cat is the way to go with its lifestyle and never at home.

I really wish that were an option back then. The Amarillo Area Management & Welfare has now announced a price reduction for the adoption of cats. You have lots of cute cats and kittens to choose from. So if you are looking for one to take home, now is the best time.

In addition to getting the cat or kitten for your family, you get all of the other benefits of regular adoption. For this $ 5 you can have your cat neutered or neutered and receive all current vaccinations. Oh, and you will microchip them too. A huge saving if you were to price that off.

Credit: City of Amarillo Facebook

Trust me i know. My daughter eventually rescued a newborn kitten from the street and gave her a home. So we had to pay for all of this and trust me these $ 5 adoptions are great.

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