‘I went on the hunt for Peckham’s feral cat colony and was sorely disillusioned’ – Charlie Lawrence-Jones

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Although many out-of-towers would say otherwise, London is a big and beautiful place.

Each area has its own character made up of strange people and even stranger places.

As a journalist covering the city, I try to make it my business to see as many of these curiosities as possible. When I heard about a colony of feral cats in Peckham, I had to check them out.

The colony is a well-known local curiosity that sits in its own collection of small shelters at the back of a parking lot.

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A cat and his house

They have been there for about 15 years and have steadily increased in number until 2019 when the local cat house Croydon Animal Samaritans caught and neutered some of them.

While an ever-growing herd may sound attractive to the naive, it is often at the expense of their cat’s health, so intervention was required.

We will not reveal the exact location in case it leads to disgraceful acts against the poor.

While I give them a lot of credit, cats weren’t completely self-starters.

They didn’t build this feline shanty town themselves but instead helped out by the locals in the form of structures and of course food.

When I expected to go downstairs to find a cat-based utopia, I felt utterly disappointed.

The evidence was there.

The little cat houses along with the strange scratching post were scattered in the grass along the parking lot.

These cats were clearly intended, but there was only one mangy cat, not the 15 I was hoping for.

These cats were obviously being looked after by someone

I was honestly disappointed, especially since I had to come all the way to south London for free.

I think that’s up to me.

With Lockdown, I had just assumed they’d be in, but apparently 7pm is exactly when they’re all out.

But I wasn’t too disturbed.

I will try again in about two years when I venture south of the river again.

Do you know anything about these cats that I don’t know? Please contact us at charlie.jones@reachplc.com