Humane Society explores Canine Park thought for Adams County

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many pet owners are spending more time at home with their animals than ever before. People who did not have pets prior to the COVID-19 crisis flocked to animal shelters to bring new companions into their isolated lives. With more dogs in homes than ever before, pet owners are becoming very aware of the grooming and exercise needs of their furry friends. Dogs have to run, run and play every day. Although many dogs are content with sleeping on the sofa most of the time, most canines are up and hopping off the walls – sometimes literally – to move around.
Adams County has an impressive number of natural walking areas compared to neighboring counties. Unfortunately, the reason these attractions exist is because they are home to many rare or even endangered plants, animals, and habitats. Dogs can harm such sensitive wildlife and are therefore not allowed on most local trails. Since this is a rural county, there are many open fields and forests on private land. Unfortunately, only those with well behaved pets are allowed to allow dogs to walk on leashes in unfenced areas if they stay close to their owners. Dogs prone to chasing deer, rabbits, and squirrels are at risk of being lost, shot by landowners, hit by cars, and attacked by other dogs or coyotes. Walking dogs on a leash along neighborhood streets is always an option, but many dogs could benefit a lot more from off-leash walking than from people walking slowly to a dog.
The solution to the canine exercise dilemma for many communities is to set up a dog park. A dog park can be public or private and is usually an enclosed outdoor area that is where people and their dogs live
can play together. Public dog parks are most commonly operated by the parks department of a city or county and are often part of an established park. Dog parks provide off-leash play areas for dogs where their owners can enjoy a park-like setting and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and their owners. Dog parks are being established across the country offering many benefits to dogs, dog owners, and the wider community.
To protect the safety and health of users, most dog parks require pets to be vaccinated and at least old enough to have a full series of veterinarian-recommended exposures, including rabies, distemper, and canine parvovirus. Other rules that may apply to dog parks include daylight only, litter picking, no glass inside the fenced area, and age restrictions for dog handlers. In order to pay for maintenance, many dog ​​parks require a day or annual pass for each dog. Passports allow dog park rules to be enforced by providing proof of vaccination prior to a pass being issued to ensure the safety of dogs and people using the park. Passport fees vary by location and can range from $ 3 per day per dog to $ 8 per day per dog. Annual pass fees range from $ 30 per dog per year to over $ 100 per dog per year, depending on the amenities offered. Park facilities include benches, trash cans, bags for animal waste, fountains, shelters, and fence compartments where small areas for small dogs and toy breeds can be played.
Adams County’s Humane Society is currently evaluating the possibility of establishing a dog park in Adams County. A survey is available online to assess public opinion about a dog park. To complete the survey, please visit and click on Dog Park Survey on the home page.
For more information on a possible Adams County dog ​​park, please call or SMS at (937) 217-1622 or email For more information about the Humane Society in Adams County, or to volunteer your time or service, please call (937)
) 544-8585 or by email to

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