Hull Dog Groomers Named ‘Holland & Barrett Of Animal Care’

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Dog owners in Hull can indulge themselves with a new, all-natural dog groomer and pet shop right on their doorstep.

Gallipots Pet Health Store & Dog Grooming is a family-run pet grooming business in South Cave, Brough specializing in pet nutritional supplements, high quality raw dog food and natural goodies, grooms using botanical shampoos and even a “pet bakery”.

The all-natural dog groomer and specialist retailer for dog products, which is less than 30 minutes by car from Hull, is currently in cooperation with PocketVet in the race for the WeLoveDogs Award from our sister site TeamDogs.

And while Gallipots was nominated just last week, it has already garnered 66 votes, making it one of the top 10 best new dog-friendly companies in the UK according to TeamDogs users.

TeamDogs user Rebecca Morley said, “The employees really have a love and passion for everything related to dog health and wellbeing.

“Fantastic unbiased advice.

Gallipots Pet Health Store & Dog Grooming is a family-run pet grooming business in South Cave, Brough specializing in pet nutritional supplements, high quality raw dog food, and grooms using natural products.

“Brilliant care service.”

Another user, Dawn W, also added, “They are such caring people who work there.

“Very helpful with problems and sell all natural dog treats etc. that I love.

“Excellent service!”

To learn more about the unique provider of grooming and pet supplies, TeamDogs spoke to co-owner and founder James May, who hopes to one day make Gallipots the “Holland & Barrett of Pet Care”.

Gallipots was founded in September 2020 by zookeepers James and his wife Lindsay May, each with over 20 years of experience working for a large pet care and dog training company.

The couple, who met at their previous job 22 years ago and launched Gallipots on their wedding day, used their savings and a corporate loan from the Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce to fund their unique dog-friendly business.

The family business Gallipots was founded in September 2020 by James and Lindsay May.

A stationary shop front on Market Place, South Cave, was added to the website later in January 2021.

Regarding the name, James explained to TeamDogs, “Gallipots have been used by pharmacists in the past to make medicines, ointments, etc.

“It’s so natural how you can keep things.

“Any dog ​​will have an intolerance or allergy to natural or chemical ingredients, but in general chemicals can contain parabens and the like.”

In addition to causing irritation, chemical-based products can cause health problems in dogs if absorbed through the skin barrier.

James added, “We want to do our job right.

“Customer experience is the most important thing – and dogs are our customers.”

Hull dog groomer named Gallipots carries a range of herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals, as well as natural raw pet food, as well as herbal shampoos and dog products.

Both the shop and website sell a range of all-natural, fragrance-free pet care products and accessories from AllDogKind, as well as raw dog food and treats and freshly baked homemade dog biscuits from Happy Hounds, available in flavors such as “Apple”. Pie ”,“ Turkey and Cranberry ”,“ Charcoal ”and“ Sweet Potato and Banana ”.

From elm bark powder for digestive issues to pectin for the large intestine, there are also numerous natural herbal supplements, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are designed to support pet health and wellbeing.

These can be searched for condition, be it anxiety, liver, joints and agility, or skin and fur.

James commented on TeamDogs: “We would never overrule anything, never diagnose, but once they get that diagnosis we can find the best products.”

James is currently studying to become a Registered Veterinary Advisor so that Gallipots can also advise on prescription drugs.

In addition, express, full and walk-in grooms as well as three “special treatments” are offered on site.

Special treatments include a coconut oil massage, botanical shampoo, and revitalizing care treatment – each costing £ 5, although it is currently 50 percent off until Tuesday 30 November.

Hull dog groomer named This dog-friendly shop near Hull has a “pet bakery” with homemade goodies from Happy Hounds.

According to James, Gallipots also plans to expand its “pet bakery” to include more homemade pastries from the couple’s 12-year-old daughter, Elodie.

James added, “She loves animals and is an avid baker.

“We want to make it a full family business as much as possible, so we want to make sure our children get invested.

“We don’t want to push them into business, but if they like to do that, we would like to do that in the future.”

James and Lindsay also have a son named Jacob and nine year old Jack Russell Chip.

Despite the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, the preeminent family-run pet care company has already grown its team to an impressive six and built a loyal customer base.

James told TeamDogs, “We have some fantastic customers that we’re very, very grateful for.

“It was a very difficult year for a lot of people, especially for companies.

“Last year everyone was held up to some degree, so it’s just nice to be around people again.”

Hull dog groomer named TeamDogs users who have nominated Gallipots for the WeLoveDog Award for Best Dog Friendly Company in the UK have raved about the all-natural grooms.

Another TeamDogs user, Cieran, was also positive about the brand, saying, “I’ve known the owners who look after our family pets for as long as I can remember and then take that massive leap and go with Covid!

“It’s great to keep going and working towards the goals.

“My pooch went exactly as it opened after a long fight to open it, and all they wanted was to do what they do best.

“I would and can recommend everyone to go there, not just for the grooming side, but also for the information and natural products they have for dogs. Mine loves them all and wouldn’t go anywhere else. “

Read what other satisfied customers have to say about the outstanding dog-friendly business.

The Gallipots shop is not only popular with locals but also with dog walkers as it is close to the “end of the world”.

In fact, the site even shows some of the best dog walking routes and safe fields in the East Yorkshire area.

Find Gallipots on Instagram at @gallipots.