Huge Cat’s Bowls in Canton opens new location at Graham Medical Group

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CANTON – A cantonal restaurant specializing in gluten-free, ketogenic and vegetarian dishes has opened a second location.

Appropriately, the Big Cat’s Bowls satellite socket is located in a medical building.

Monday was the first day of business for Big Cat’s Bowls at Graham Medical Group. The building at 180 S. Main St. houses doctors’ offices and other medical facilities and is just a few blocks from Graham Hospital.

The original Big Cat’s is located at 51 N. Second Ave., on the eastern edge of downtown Canton. It is open for lunch Monday through Saturday.

Meat-based sandwiches and nachos are on offer, as well as made-to-order bowls containing rice and vegetables, among other things.

The owners Jason “Big Cat” Coulter and Emily Schaeffer opened their business about three years ago. It includes a ready-to-eat meal preparation service for items that change weekly.

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“We saw an opportunity for growth in an area that already wants clean and healthy nutrition – our health community,” said Schaeffer of the Graham site.

“Since our (first) opening, we have been well supported by our local clinic and hospital. Not only from staff, but also from those looking for a better alternative for convenience and health.”

The Graham Big Cat’s is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The menu includes scrambled eggs with meat and vegetables, as well as other sugar-free and low-carbohydrate products.

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Black Maple Coffee, which has locations in Canton and Lewistown, previously occupied the space on the new Big Cat.

Quirky restaurants seem like a thing in Canton these days. Earlier this year, it launched Modern Harvest, an evening spin-off from Eats on the Street, a food truck and stationary restaurant downtown open for breakfast and lunch.