How to uncover your purpose and thrive in veterinary medicine

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In a recent interview with dvm360®, Dr. Mia Cary hints at how veterinarians can lead successful career paths starting with setting a goal.

At the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference (ACVC), Mia Cary, DVM compiled a list of her top 3 ways veterinarians can be successful in their careers and points out some resources that professionals can use to get started.

Check out the video below for the full discussion. The following is a partial transcript:

Mia Cary, DVM: When I started my own business, I spent a lot of time thinking about what was most important to me and I created a personal letter of intent that also became my professional letter of intent. [My purpose statement] is easy to activate others to thrive, and that allows me [to decide] why should one say yes and why no. So I think it is very important to know your purpose.