How to continue loving veterinary medicine

In this dvm360® interview, Quincy Hawley, DVM, previews the talk he will deliver at the upcoming Fetch conference on creating a life and career in veterinary medicine you love

In this dvm360® interview, Quincy Hawley, DVM, co-founder of Get MotiVETed Wellbeing Solutions, shared how he will outline 5 basic principles that can help veterinary professionals grow from challenges to avoid becoming resentful in their careers and lives.

A partial transcript of the interview is below. View the video for more of the discussion.

Quincy Hawley, DVM: [My lecture] will be very practical for [veterinary] professionals of all roles. If they come and learn these 5 [principles], they will be able to decrease a lot of those little small things that are bothering them on a day to day basis. like that . . . at the end of the day, instead of walking out of practice and being irritated, and then taking that into their families or their pets, [or] their significant others, or even just when they look in the mirror. . . they will be able to look back on everything that happened in that day, and come out better instead of bitter.

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