How Many Cat Shines Are in Bowser’s Fury?

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s rage is here and players are immersed in the new adventure of Lake Lapcat. Exploring the expansive waterfront at Bowser’s Fury is all about collecting Cat seems to ward off the bottomless wrath of Fury Bowser. You don’t need to fret yourself though as we have details on how many of these shines to find and where to get your paws on them.

How many cat shines are there in Bowser’s Anger?

You can find Lapcat throughout Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury’s Lake Lapcat 100 cat shines.

Where’s Cat Shines in Bowser’s Anger?

If this is your first time playing Bowser’s Fury, the available area of ​​Lake Lapcat is quite small. Collecting your first (uncomplicated) highlights expands the explorable areas. The easiest way to break down the map is in three main sections. These are Lakeside, Ruins and Wasteland.

Each of these is identified by its own Giga Bell, who have their own surrounding islands, both large and small. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to go next, be careful Lighthouses. Even if they are covered in goop, they can lead you where you need to go as there are always several cat shines around lighthouses.

Every lighthouse island has five cat shines collect. Since there are a total of 12 of these lighthouse islands (four near each giga-bell), you can accomplish all of the goals associated with them 60 cat shines! You will know that as soon as the lighthouse starts to fly, you will have rid a main island of all its cat gleams Cat flag.

Three of these lighthouse goals apply only to the lighthouse itself, while two are always the same. These are Collect five Cat Shine Shards and Destroying anger blocks. We’ll explain these blocks in a moment, but watch out for those red, floating kitty faces at Cat Shine Shards as you mind other lighthouse destinations. As soon as you grab the last one, a cat shine is granted directly on site.

If the island you are interested in doesn’t seem to have a new destination, we recommend visiting another island. Hopping between the islands will “freshen up” each of them with the newest Cat Shine destination. This is the best way to make sure you get through each island Cat bow.

The rest of the Cat Shines are on and around Lake Lapcat. Some of these are smaller islands with one or two cat shines of their own, others include horse riding Plession through gates or to grab collectibles, and others hire you to do it return lost kittens to their parents. Be on the lookout for calico cats!

However, you won’t be able to get all 100 Cat Shines until facing Bowser’s rage bosses. Some Cat Shines can only be found after the game, including some from the earliest area of ​​Bowser’s Anger (Fur Step Island) and on a special island that only appears after the story is completed.

What should I do if Fury Bowser shows up?

First of all, don’t panic. Bowser’s anger is a big part of getting through Bowser’s anger and some cat shine are only available through Fury Bowser.

The Fury Blocks I mentioned earlier are tough and easy to recognize by Bowser’s face / logo. When Fury Bowser wakes up, stay near some of these until he breathes a stream of fire. If you are worried about getting hit, take cover if available or take a dive underwater by hitting the ground as Mario or with Plessie. Fury Bowser should at some point position himself so that his fire will remove the Fury Blocks and reveal a Cat Shine! How to take care of each island Blow up the anger blocks Mission.

Collecting a cat luster will too Send Fury Bowser away immediately. If you don’t want to deal with his tantrums, you can stop them by grabbing Cat Shines at the right time. This also has the added benefit of cutting some health off of his health bar, which makes direct battles with him a little easier.

If you find an area difficult to traverse while you normally collect Cat Shines, it may be worth trying while Fury Bowser is awake. While the fireballs are doing you a disservice, the Fury Bowser summoning blocks can sometimes make leveling up an area a little easier, and often give you access to power-ups when you need them.

How many Cat Shines do I need to unlock Giga Bells in Bowser’s Anger?

Aside from tracking your progress, the main use of Cat Shines is to remove the goop and Wake up Giga Bells. Each bell has a set number of cat shines that are needed to access its power so you can take on Fury Bowser as a Giga Cat Mario.

The number of Cat Shines you will need for each Giga Bell is:

  • First Giga Bell Unlock – 5 Cat Shines
  • Second Giga Bell Unlock – 15 Cat Shines
  • Third Giga Bell Unlock – 20 Cat Shines
  • Fourth Giga Bell Unlock – 40 Cat Shines
  • Fifth Giga Bell Unlock – 50 Cat Shines

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