How Lockdown May Have Impacted Your Cat’s Mental Health

In the past 18 months, you may have had to adjust your self-care routines to manage the pandemic. If you’ve been fortunate enough to share your home with a furry friend, it may have reduced the impact on your mental health. But what about your mental health? If you’re a cat owner and you’ve noticed that your feline friend has been giving you the side eye lately, then maybe you are actually on something …

On August 24th, pet owner Joanna Mont started a lively online discussion when she revealed to her Twitter followers: “Today the vet told me that since Covid they have had to treat a number of cats with depression caused by irritation from their people are at home all day. Obviously it’s not really funny, but … that’s the cat thing I’ve ever heard. Apparently dogs don’t have the same problem. “

Cats feeling down about not having full, uninterrupted rule over their home seemed like something other Twitter users had picked up on. One user replied, “Exactly the same with ours. You don’t dare to venture very far, or for a very long time … Hardly ever seen this one … That’s all it does now, “along with a picture of your sleeping cat. Another cat lover had found a solution for her pets: “Cats need time to be alone. We have several cat-friendly closets in our home. My big boy, who suffers from depression, likes to go and lie in there when he is overwhelmed. “

Other people just couldn’t believe what they were reading. “Cats are so superior,” said one.

That a cat suffers from depression during lockdown may sound like a joke, but research has actually confirmed it. A study conducted at James Cook University in Australia looked at how the lives of 400 owners and pets were affected by room sharing during the pandemic. It has been reported that the moods of most dogs and owners in general improved when more time was spent together.

In contrast, lead researcher Dr. Jessica Oliva found: “About 50% of cat owners reported that their cats behaved in a way that their owners all the time interpreted as being ‘expelled’. While nearly 100% of dog owners reported that their dogs just loved being home all the time. ”

Elsewhere, veterinary behaviorist Stephanie Borns-Weil told a Tufts University newspaper that it’s hardly surprising that the lockdown affected your cat’s mood in some way. When they have gone from being alone to permanent company, especially company with children, it is a major lifestyle adjustment. “Cats can be overwhelmed when they have people around them who weren’t expecting them,” she said.

If you’re trying to find out if your cat is depressed or not, the Daily Paws pet website writes that if he’s lethargic, not eating, hiding a lot, or has stopped grooming himself, you should pay attention to it. If you are concerned, speak to your veterinarian and find out what is going on.

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