How In The World Do You Get Your Pets To Take Medicine?

How do you get your pets to take their medicine? That was the question we asked on the Power 95-9 Facebook page and your answers were awesome.

I am a big dog person and we currently have two boxers. When it comes to giving them pills they are pretty smart and will spit them out when they are given the pills in a piece of bread. Here are the guilty dogs now.

Wes Spicher Townsquare Media

Wes Spicher Townsquare Media

Now when it comes to our listeners they had some pretty good things for me to try the next time my two need meds. Check out some of these suggestions.

Power 95-9 Facebook

Power 95-9 Facebook

These suggestions are great and they remind me of my former co-worker Mimi. She loved all her dogs and the pill pocket was her choice when it came to giving out the meds to her dogs. I have tried using some weiners but the pills were so big I couldn’t;t keep them in the weiners they kept falling out. Maybe a pill pocket could work for my two silly boys.

But when it came to suggestions cheese was the big winner.

Power 95-9 Facebook

Power 95-9 Facebook

I really like what Jaymie had to say about the cheese and how she uses small pieces to feed them before giving the meds. I’ve tried peanut butter but they’re so weird about that stuff. The first time I gave them peanut butter they actually spit it out. Now they like it enough that I may try that too if the cheese doesn’t work.

Thank you for all of the suggestions. The next time my two boys have to take pills I will be trying the cheese for sure. And unfortunately this winter my big dog Haus will be taking pills. He has some upper respiratory stuff he gets with all of that cold air.

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