Houston firefighter rescues canine from residence hearth in W. Houston

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GOOD NEWS! The video captured the moment a puppy was rescued from the fire. Fortunately, all have been evacuated and no casualties have been reported.

Video transcript

Yes good morning. It looks like the firefighters here have most, if not all, of the fire under control. You can see the two story unit of this apartment building here, completely damaged or destroyed. However, the good news, according to firefighters, is that no one was injured.

This is Whitington Drive west of Dary [? A. ?] This apartment complex, this fire, may have broken out in the last half hour or an hour and a half or so. We’d like to show you a cellphone video when this place was really up and running. You can see the smoke and then the flames coming out of this unit on the second floor.

Here, too, we are still waiting to receive information from the fire fighters on site about what exactly happened here. Of course, researching this takes some time. But it seems to have started here in this second story unit and, according to witnesses we just spoke to, expanded to include another. Several trucks also came to put out the fire.

It’s pretty much the Whitington Drive scene here. Again we spoke to a few people here who were watching the firefighters work to put out the fire. Listen to.

And I came to the gas station just to get a few things before going home and saw the fire blazing. And I just worried and called 9-1-1 from there. And they said that a call had already been made. So a few minutes later they came down the street.

My mother-in-law lived in the apartments. She called me and told me about a fire so I rushed over here. And when I got here, all the fire trucks were there.

All right, live out here again. You can see the damage on the second floor of this apartment complex. We’re not sure if anyone was home at this point. Again, we’re still waiting for information from the fire officers out here, but they tell us the good news is no one was injured. As you can see, the fire is out now. We live in West Houston, I’m TJ Parker, ABC 13, Eyewitness News.