Household for Billy the Cat will obtain ‘catio’

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Wanted: Family with a shady back yard to adopt Billy, a cat who has lived at the Nevada SPCA shelter for far too long, wants to be your only feline companion and longs to live outside.

Billy, a 4-year-old semi-wild brown tabby with manageable health problems, is supplied with a “catio” or enclosure that protects him from the weather and other living beings.

“We talked about Billy and said, ‘We have to find a creative solution for this cat. Let’s find out something, ”said Amy Lee, communications manager at Nevada SPCA.

Shelter staff have started an essay contest encouraging potential adopters to explain why they are the right host for Billy’s Bachelor Pad.

Lee said Billy was a cute boy with a “rough and tumbling” attitude. He will accept affection on his terms once he is comfortable. He was originally brought to the shelter in 2018 to mark the house, which is why he had to live outside.

Billy’s exact enclosure was not chosen, but it will have features like weather protection, various entrances and exits, and safe spots for food, water, and bedding. It is paid for by a supporter of the shelter who wants to remain anonymous. The Catio must be near a power or water source.

“We really want this cat to be happy,” said Lee. “We believe there is something for everyone.”

Lee stated that adopting Billy is an obligation on his adoptive family. He has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV +), an infection that can be transmitted to other cats but is harmless to humans. He also has stomatitis, an inflammation of the gums that requires quarterly treatment, which is covered by the Nevada SPCA. He must be brought to the shelter for this treatment.

Essayists must be at least 21 years old and own their homes. In 300 words or less, they should explain why they can give Billy the perfect forever home. The deadline for submission to is May 28th.

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