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ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held a briefing on Friday, day 322 of the pandemic to update New Yorkers of the latest coronavirus responses. During the briefing, he said that in a week’s time, vaccine doses scheduled for hospital workers will be reassigned to patients with underlying diseases and comorbidities.

Cuomo said frontline workers are exposed to more COVID than anyone else – “Everyone knows this,” he said – and that hospital staff nationwide have achieved a healthy immunization rate of 75%. In order to avoid a staff shortage that could cause hospitals to close, these workers were prioritized in Group 1a.

Still, some of these employees decided against the vaccine. According to the governor, after about two million doses already administered, hospital staff should no longer worry about being vaccine test subjects. With that in mind, Cuomo said hospitals still have a week to take advantage of the vaccine supplies specially designed for their employees. After February 15, these doses will be reassigned to patients with comorbidities.

“We don’t have an offer that can reach everyone. We understand that. So the prioritization is to reach the people who are most at risk or who are most important, ”said Cuomo. Cuomo said underlying conditions, pre-existing conditions, and age are the main drivers of COVID mortality and that 94% of deaths were individuals from these comorbidities.

The governor has urged the local health departments to prepare for this postponement. He said his administration is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to compile a list of comorbidities. “We’re basically going to be following CDC guidelines,” Cuomo said, since they already have a basic list. Still, he said, “There are some items on the list that raise questions for healthcare professionals and we are working on them.”

New York had the lowest daily positivity rate since November

Cuomo gave the following information about the numbers:

  • Test results reported – 203,627
  • Overall positive – 8,777
  • Percent positive – 4.31%
  • 7th-Tag Average percentage positive – 4.67%
  • Hospitalization of the patient – 7,937 (-30)
  • Net Change Patient Hospitalization last week – -420
  • Newly admitted patients – 1,022
  • Hospital counties – 57
  • Intensive care unit number – 1,516 (+10)
  • Intubation unit number – 1,000 (+14)
  • Total discharges – 131.165 (+863)
  • Deaths – 153
  • Total deaths – 35,920

Regarding vaccinations, Cuomo said: “This is where we want to be. We want to use everything we have received and get it into the arms of people as quickly as possible. “He said vaccine equity remains an issue in a climate of rampant vaccine reluctance – which includes skepticism about its effectiveness, fear of unknown side effects, and distrust of the government and the healthcare industry at large. “Hesitation needs to be addressed directly with facts and validation,” Cuomo said while calling on black community leaders to help communicate the message.

The governor came up with statistics on demographics. The following pictures will help paint a picture of the demographics of those who have already been vaccinated:

For part of the briefing, Cuomo greeted New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy. He praised the partnership between the states, saying, “This partnership has undoubtedly saved lives on both sides of the Hudson.” Murphy was there to support Cuomo’s demand for an equitable distribution of local and state aid from the federal government. He reiterated the feeling that the three-state region – New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut – paid disproportionately high than states in other parts of the country.

Cuomo also invited Randy Levine, Aaron Boone and Mariano Rivera of the Yankees to speak about the newly opened vaccination site at Yankee Stadium. “I played here and saved games. Now we’re saving lives here, ”said Rivera.

Play ball! Yankee Stadium will open for vaccinations on Friday

Cuomo said a priority is to establish mass vaccination sites in areas of high positivity in black and Latin American communities. Yankee Stadium in the Bronx is only available to residents of this district, which still has some of the highest positivity rates in New York City.

Regarding Johnson & Johnson’s potential vaccine, which has the option of 100,000 doses by June, Cuomo said, “It’s a game changer. It’s a single dose, not two doses. “He said that change makes a huge logistical difference. He also pointed out that their vaccine requires conventional refrigeration rather than the substantial cold storage “which most facilities do not have” and that the Pfizer vaccine requires it.

US deployed over 1,000 active troops to fire vaccine shots

The governor also discussed variants of interest, saying that 59 cases of the British tribe have so far been identified in New York:

“The British tribe is reportedly up to 70% more transmittable. That’s a terrifying thought. So let’s watch it closely. CDC is watching, other countries are watching. But we now have 59 cases. Here you are. It’s all across the state and it’s something we’re watching, ”he said. Although he warned that a new strain would be more contagious, deadly, or more resistant to the vaccine, it could jeopardize the state’s progress in combating the vaccine. However, Cuomo said, “We are concerned with the here and now.”

region COVID patients currently hospitalized in the area COVID patients as a percentage of the regional population Percent of hospital beds available within 7 days under the surge plan
Capital region 374 0.03% 27%
Central New York 182 0.02% 32%
Finger lakes 483 0.04% 36%
long Island 1,382 0.05% 32%
Mid-Hudson 919 0.04% 43%
Mohawk Valley 199 0.04% 31%
New York City 3,698 0.04% 31%
North country 91 0.02% 53%
Southern tier 232 0.04% 43%
Western New York 377 0.03% 36%
Nationwide 7,937 0.04% 34%

The regional bed capacity and occupancy in the intensive care unit are as follows:

region Total number of ICU beds in the region Total occupied beds in the intensive care unit in the region Percent of ICU beds available in the region (7-day average)
Capital region 247 218 fifteen%
Central New York 262 187 29%
Finger lakes 397 281 28%
long Island 867 679 21%
Mid-Hudson 688 407 41%
Mohawk Valley 131 99 25%
New York City 2.607 2.108 21%
North country 60 39 39%
Southern tier 126 78 34%
Western New York 545 350 38%
Nationwide 5,930 4,446 26%

Yesterday, New York State was reported 203,627 test results and 4.31 percent were positive. The average 7-day percentage of each region’s positive test results reported in the past three days is as follows:

Capital region 4.52% 4.11% 3.92%
Central New York 3.03% 2.88% 2.82%
Finger lakes 3.57% 3.31% 3.30%
long Island 5.89% 5.65% 5.56%
Mid-Hudson 5.66% 5.65% 5.54%
Mohawk Valley 4.05% 3.69% 3.63%
New York City 5.07% 5.01% 5.08%
North country 5.25% 5.10% 5.36%
Southern tier 1.83% 1.76% 1.68%
Western New York 4.96% 4.96% 4.69%
Nationwide 4.86% 4.72% 4.67%

Of the total of 1,449,495 people who tested positive for the virus, the geographical breakdown is as follows:

district Overall positive New positive
Albany 19.215 115
Allegany 2,652 23
Broome 13.121 83
Cattaraugus 3,928 47
Cayuga 5,000 27
Chautauqua 6.736 69
Chemung 6,142 23
Chenango 2.195 20th
Clinton 2.856 32
Columbia 3.075 24
Cortland 2,898 9
Delaware 1.253 12
Dutch woman 19,679 167
Erie 58,953 341
Essex 1,160 7th
Franklin 1,630 28
Fulton 2.736 51
Genesee 4,100 fifteen
Greene 2,422 16
Hamilton 246 9
Herkimer 4.301 19th
Jefferson 4,147 59
Lewis 1,811 18th
Livingston 3.127 30th
Madison 3.557 18th
Monroe 48,976 195
Montgomery 2,783 46
Nassau 132,301 757
Niagara 14,108 92
NYC 617.168 3.883
Oneida 18,689 91
Onondaga 30,563 142
Ontario 5,300 22nd
orange 33,042 212
Orleans 2.281 31
Oswego 5,582 21st
Otsego 2.070 22nd
Putnam 7,500 44
Rensselaer 8.185 52
Rockland 35.252 158
Saratoga 10,869 74
Schenectady 10,020 67
Schoharie 1,051 4th
Schuyler 819 3
Seneca 1,430 8th
St. Lawrence 4,592 53
Steuben 5.177 30th
Suffolk 147.064 771
Sullivan 4,313 35
Tioga 2.545 20th
Tompkins 3.137 37
Ulster 9,014 59
labyrinth 2.554 20th
Washington 1,980 38
Wayne 4.183 16
Westchester 96.465 476
Wyoming 2.563 25th
Yates 979 11

On Thursday, 153 New Yorkers died of COVID-19 in New York state, bringing the total to 35,920. The geographical breakdown by country of residence is as follows:

district New deaths
Albany 6th
Bronx 10
Broome 3
Chautauqua 2
Chemung 1
Chenango 1
Columbia 1
Dutch woman 3
Erie 3
Essex 1
Fulton 2
Genesee 2
Herkimer 1
Jefferson 1
Kings 17th
Manhattan 10
Monroe 9
Montgomery 1
Nassau 14th
Niagara 3
Oneida 2
Onondaga 3
orange 3
Otsego 2
Queens 20th
Rensselaer 1
Richmond 4th
Saratoga 2
Schenectady 2
St. Lawrence 1
Suffolk fifteen
Tompkins 1
Ulster 1
Washington 1
Westchester 4th

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