Horsing round ‘good drugs’ for every day stress

The healing power of horses will help a circle of women overcome a year of excessive stress.

Skye McLachlan, head of the riding school, will team up with “wellness warrior” Sharla Charnley in Verrierdale on Friday to harness the healing power of horses.

“Horses have this amazing ability to heal people from within,” said Ms. McLachlan

“They are a herd animal, so they only live in the present, there is no judgment, no expectation.

“There is only kindness and love and guidance.”

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Real Wellness Sharla Charnley, right, is holding her Be Still and Let Go With Horses therapy session this Friday.

The afternoon therapy session organized by Ms. Charnley, “Be still and let go with horses”, combines gentle yoga movements with animal therapy.

The four-legged calming power of the mind was recognized by nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale, who used pets to improve health outcomes for her patients.

Rebecca Walker, who attended a previous session, said the horses helped her reconnect with herself and with nature.
“Practicing yoga and meditation under the trees, surrounded by such graceful animals, was a peaceful, beautiful experience,” said Ms. Walker.

Ms. McLachlan said many of her classes included working with the horses and “learning life skills along the way”.

“Everything that has to do with animals releases endorphins and many love hormones for humans,” she said.

Free To Be likes to use the healing power of nature and horses.

Free To Be likes to use the healing power of nature and horses.

“We bring the horses into the faces of the ladies and they sit and watch the horses while they let go of the everyday stress.

“You give them pats and cuddles and get a real connection with the horse.”

Ms. Charnley said there would be five horses that would help bring any troubled thoughts about to-do lists back to the moment.

“Horses are very intuitive with what is going on with us,” said Ms. Charnley.

“We’re going to sit and watch the horses for about 10 minutes and then the real magic happens.

“We learn a lot about ourselves through our interaction with horses – it puts them (women) in a relaxing, blissful state.”

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