‘Horrified’ residents fear overflowing dog poo bins are a ‘serious health hazard’

Residents are “appalled” by the condition of the dog waste containers in and around Tylers Green – they fear the stench is a “serious health hazard”.

Overflowing dog poop bins in Chepping Wycombe parish have become a major problem for residents, especially in hot weather.

Despite signs on the bins clearly telling dog owners to take the trash home with them when the bins are full, stinking poop bags pile up, leaving frustrated residents questioning why the bins don’t seem to have been emptied.

Alison Kemp said the dog poop bins at the entrance to Tylers Wood Common on New Road and the Kings Wood entrance at the end of Kingswood Road were some of the “most disgusting” examples.

She told the Bucks Free Press, “I walk a lot in the local forests and on Tyler’s Green Common and I am appalled by the condition of these bins – they have been overflowing with dog waste for months … trash bags in one of the trash cans … but that one is now overflowing too.

“The stench is terrible, especially in the heat, and from my point of view a serious health hazard.”

She added: “The Kings Wood is particularly awful, someone here tried to help by putting a trash bag in place.

“I contacted the parish office and they emailed me to let me know that the contractor who clears the garbage cans isolated himself with Covid – that’s garbage as this problem has been going on for many weeks, not just a few Days.

“They said a week ago that they would try to sort something out, but nothing was done.”

Chepping Wycombe local council, like other local councils, said getting a new contractor to empty the trash cans would be a challenge, but the problem should finally be resolved this week.

They said, “We have been contacted by a number of residents about overfilled dog waste containers, particularly at Tylers Green and Flackwell Heath.

“Like many other communities at the moment, we have been struggling to find a new contractor to empty these bins.

“We apologize very much for the inconvenience caused by overcrowded bins for residents.

“The good news is that our new contractor will start this week and the garbage cans will be emptied by Thursday at the latest.

“We hope this fixes the problem, but please contact us if you have any further problems.”

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