Higher Hutt superstar, Angus the Countdown cat, has been discovered

Angus went missing last week, presumably picked up by a stranger who thought he was a stray. Photo / Facebook / Angus the countdown cat

Angus, the ginger cat that delights visitors to the Countdown Supermarket in Upper Hutt, was found safe and sound.

The cat was gone, allegedly taken from its usual place in Countdown by a stranger last week.

The 14-year-old tomcat has developed something of a local cult following for the past six years hanging around outside the local countdown supermarket.

He has become a celebrity in Upper Hutt. According to reports, people even switched supermarket just to see Angus more often.

A Facebook group founded for Angus has more than 1,600 members and everyone on social media was hoping for the animal’s safe return.

Angus’ owner, Karen Piper, had pleaded with whoever had brought her cat to make sure he was kept healthy as Angus is a frail 14-year-old cat with skin allergies.

He was found in Taitā about 12 km from home on Sunday.

“He was found because a citizen found him in her backyard and she posted on Angus’ Facebook group to see if it was Herald.

Skye was thrilled to confirm the good news to owner Karen Piper that the cat was indeed her missing pet, Angus.

The cat was found safe and sound on Sunday.  Photo / Rachel SkyeThe cat was found safe and sound on Sunday. Photo / Rachel Skye

“We loved it when Angus ran out of the room,” Skye added in a post on Facebook.

“In his secure stretcher he purred off his bum and was suffocated with pats and love from Mama Karen Piper and Michelle J Best. What a relief.”

The local rescuer believes Angus “was taken with the best of intentions, but they probably thought they might keep him”.

“You can’t just take someone else’s pet, regardless of their health or if you think they don’t have an owner,” she said. “I hope this is a good learning experience and community educating.”

According to Skye, Angus is recovering “great” after a warmly cuddled night.

“When the countdown started, he was already there, waiting for attention,” she added.

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