Here are the recent trends for keeping your cat healthy

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Published Sunday, July 11th 2021, 9:59 am

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cbd stress cats(© Irina –

If you are the proud parent of a cat, you will know how quickly these little critters can get into your heart. Cat lovers and cat lovers know how important these cute cuddly toys can be.

When you have this fluffy family member in your house, you want to make sure they can stay for as long as possible. A lot of our worst nightmares are that our poor kitten got sick. The idea that one day our cats will have to cross this rainbow bridge is something that breaks our hearts.

So what can we as cat moms and dads do to make sure our cats stay happy and healthy while they are with us? New discoveries are made every year that will help us extend the life of our pets, and this year more than ever.

Here are some of the latest trends out there to help your cats get and stay healthy.

Invest in cat insurance

While we hate these dreaded vet visits as much as we hate our pets, they are inevitable if you have a cat with any health condition. As much as we’d like to believe that our kittens will never get sick, at some point they’ll have to see the vet.

And as any cat parent knows, you can find it pretty hard to get hit with those vet bills after a visit.

So how can you better prepare for the inevitable? By getting your own health insurance for your cat.

The best cat insurance policies have different levels of coverage that you can use to customize your monthly payments. This is a must-have if you want to make sure you are prepared for the hefty veterinarian bills when you venture on this dreaded journey.

Keep your furry friend moisturized

When temperatures rise we all need to make sure we stay hydrated. The same goes for our cat friends.

But how can you make sure your kitten is getting enough water to stay healthy? Sometimes the bowl on the floor doesn’t seem to attract their attention and none of us want to chase our cat around to force them to drink more water.

An interesting fact about cats is that they are actually more likely to drink running water. So how can you get running water into your house without leaving the sink running all day?

Fortunately, there are some affordable cat water fountains in the market today. These water fountains use a pump to create a constant stream of water that encourages your cat to drink more water. All you have to do is fill them up and hook them up for a healthier and more hydrated best friend.

Change to natural wet food

The secret is finally out: the cheap dry food we have fed our pets is not the best for the health of our animals. Either it lacks some of the nutrients our cats need, or it contains a ton of junk that can even make them sick.

Do you remember how difficult it can be to keep our cats hydrated? This is because they are technically supposed to get most of the water they need on a daily basis through their food. With dry food, however, this becomes impossible.

Switching to natural, high quality wet food for cats can keep them hydrated and has also been shown to have many health benefits such as a healthier weight, fewer kidney problems and a shiny coat.

Try a CBD supplement for your cat

CBD, or cannabidiol, has been on everyone’s lips lately for people’s health, but did you know it’s better for our cats too?

CBD pet food supplements can be good for treating pain, for example, because of their anti-inflammatory properties. This can be great for hard-to-treat issues like arthritis, which is a common problem with our older furry friends.

CBD can also have a calming effect on cats struggling with things like separation anxiety and stress in general. If you have a kitten who seems to be ripping around the house at 4 a.m. every night, CBD can be used to calm your cat and help you sleep better.

However, when using CBD on your cat, it is important to see a veterinarian first.

Keep your cat healthy this year

Cat lovers know how important their cat friends are. Be on the lookout for them using these tips to keep your cat happy and healthy this year.