Here Are 10 Adoptable Black Cats In Rockford

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I’m pretty sure you got the notification on your phone this morning, but if you haven’t, August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day.

This is not to be confused with October 27th, the national day of the black cat. What is the difference? Nobody knows, but these little guys all deserve their day in the sun. But not too much sun. According to this article on Mental Floss, if a black cat spends too much time in the sun, it can stain the pigments, resulting in natural streaks or spots. It’s quite complicated and you should read the article for a full explanation.

Another fact I learned from the article is that black cats aren’t unlucky in every culture. Sometimes they bring luck.

As a single woman in Japan, owning a black cat should increase the number of admirers: When you are in Germany and someone crosses your path from left to right, good things are on the horizon.

Seriously, there are 8 black cat facts on this list, and at least 7 are interesting.

I went to the Winnebago County Animal Services location and found that there were some black cats available for adoption. I counted at least 10 without getting too loose with the definition of a “black” cat.

Here is a list of 10 cat friends that you can bring into your home, hopefully turning your luck for the better.


Darling is a 3 year old neutered domestic shorthair. She also has great eyes.


Sami is a 2 year old castrated domestic shorthair. It has white tufts as a contrast to the deep black. Very cool looking cat.


Zach is a 1 year old domestic longhair. This isn’t Zach’s most flattering point of view, I’m sure of it. Maybe for cat owners who like their distance.


The website says this is a 1 year old male domestic shorthair, but I’m pretty sure it’s a pug. Either way, it looks like Whiskers needs some maintenance so it can relax.


Salem is a 2 year old spayed domestic shorthair and if I am honest she looks great. I don’t even really like cats and I would love to have this cat. Her “dormant queen face” is amazing. 10/10 as far as cats go.


Raspberry is a 4 month old female Domestic Medium Hair. Raspberry seems like a kitten. Very pretty.


Monty is a 2 year old neutered domestic shorthair. Did I bend the rules a little by letting this white-nosed cat in the mix? Perhaps. But I liked the look of this guy. He’s only 2 years old and won’t get any of your things today. I respect that.


Lana is a 2 year old castrated domestic shorthair. I have no idea what frame of reference we’re looking at Lana, but she seems pretty small. Maybe a dwarf? Runts are great pets.


Keke is a 3 year old neutered domestic shorthair. Is Keke all black? No, but that’s another face that I had to share.

You can apply online and they will get back to you shortly. Rescues are literally the best. Max comes from an animal shelter and is everyone’s favorite no matter where I take him.

I know you didn’t ask, but yeah he IS a very good boy.

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