Heartwarming story of Romanian rescue animal Bodhi highlights National Dog Adoption Day

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Owning a dog can have a huge impact on a person’s mental health, according to a study published on the occasion of National Dog Adoption Day.

The study, conducted by natural pet food specialist Natures Menu, showed the positive difference: 43 percent of pet owners said their dog’s company was the reason they maintained a positive attitude during the Covid-19 pandemic.

One such person was Elaine, an owner of three older and fighting Shih Tzus. Earlier this year, Elaine decided to purchase her fourth dog – a rescue dog named Bodhi – from a charity that deals with Romanian stray dogs that are about to be culled. It took several days to transport Bodhi across Europe to his new adopted home for life, and everything was not easy.

As she mourned the death of her other dog, Barney, and cared for two elderly and sick dogs, Bonnie and Millie, Elaine began to realize that dealing with an untamed stray from another country was an overwhelming challenge.

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But Elaine is so glad she spent the time and effort helping Bodhi escape the dire conditions of his early life and adapt to his new surroundings.

She added, “Something clicked on me. I started to understand him. I wanted to defend him to the end of the world, free from hatred and pain, after sitting on a bus for almost a week to get here. “

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She said, “Bodhi was incredibly difficult to handle when we were end-of-life caring for my older Shih Tzu Barney. For some reason I just couldn’t accept Bodhi, and as terrible as it sounds, I would go so far as to say I didn’t like him.

Elaine realized, however, that if she gave up Bodhi, he would never recover from his troubled early life.

She added, “Something clicked on me. I knew his favorite foods and habits because I began to understand him. I wanted to defend him to the end of the world. I wanted him to find the nirvana he was named after, free from hate and pain, after sitting on that bus for almost a week to get here. “

Elaine now volunteers for the charity that saved Bodhi – Pawprints to Freedom – helping other strays like him from around the world find new loving homes.

Natures Menu and the charity are encouraging pet owners everywhere to support National Dog Adoption Day on October 25th. The aim is to promote the fantastic benefits of adopting from one of the UK’s many animal shelters, as well as promoting the concept and benefits of receiving an animal from an agency.

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