Healthy Dog Food Delivery Startup, Dog Standards, Launches Across Canada Today

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TORONTO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Dog Standards, a Toronto-based dog food company, today announced its official launch. The company will be one of the first of its kind in Canada to offer veterinarian-developed and preservative-free human-quality dog ​​food directly to consumers across the country.

“Dog Standards was created in direct response to the lack of transparency and regulation in the dog food industry. The industry hasn’t changed in over 50 years and we knew we could give Canadians something better and more convenient, ”said Jessica Bevilacqua, Founder of Dog Standards.

“Now more than ever, Canadians consider their dog part of the family. As dog parents, we ourselves strive to provide Canadians with a brand they can trust, ”added Bevilacqua.

Pet owners now trust commercial pet food brands that put profit before health. Over 70 percent of dog owners say they don’t know what’s in the food they feed their dogs. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sets the standard for pet food, stating that 4-D (dead, dying, sick, or disabled) meat may be used in dog food when exposed to high heat and high Pressure is prepared. This lack of industry-wide quality assurance is why a brand like Dog Standards is so important.

Dog Standards is committed to educating dog owners about the health benefits of feeding fresh so that dogs can lead healthier, happier lives. All Dog Standards nutrition plans are tailored to the breed, age, weight and activity level of each dog to ensure a complete and balanced diet.

Dog Standards currently offers three recipes, turkey, beef, and chicken. All recipes are made in commercial kitchens in Canada and shipped in recyclable packaging with dry ice to keep your recipes cool when shipping nationwide.

To learn more about dog standards and to determine your dog’s individual nutrition plan, visit:


Dog Standards fits and delivers fresh dog meal plans to your doorstep across Canada. Our food consists of whole, human ingredients, freshly prepared and without preservatives, and exceeds the standards currently accepted in the dog food industry. We’re committed to making dogs healthier and happier by providing a convenient way to feed them fresh.