Health issues lead to retirement of Dover police dog Rex

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Dover K-9 Rex is withdrawing from the Dover Police Department for health reasons.

DOVER – K-9 Rex is released from service with the Dover Police Department due to health reasons.

“I regret to inform you that K-9 Rex, 9 years old, has terminal health problems that will prevent him from any further service,” said Security Director Gerry Mroczkowski on Monday to Dover City Council. “Valley View Animal Hospital is monitoring his health and has made a recommendation to retire.”

Rex and Officer William Nedrow have been in partnership for more than seven years and “are a great addition to the Dover City Police Department, Dover Township and surrounding law enforcement partners,” said Mroczkowski.

The dog, a Belgian Malinois from Holland, was acquired by the city in 2014.

Rex immediately demonstrated his tracking skills.

While Rex and Nedrow were training in the Sebring area of ​​Mahoning County in September 2014, Smith Township police called on them to help track down two burglars – and arrested them.

Police had set up a perimeter while searching for the suspects and requested a K-9 unit, but none was available.

Rex and Nedrow, along with another officer and a police dog, were training in the area.

The rookie police dogs helped catch the two suspects who were arrested and charged with break-in, break-in and break-in, criminal trespassing, and obstruction.

Mroczkowski noted that the city’s K-9 program was funded entirely by community donations.

“We plan to continue the K-9 program with support from the city government, city council and community,” he said.

This article originally appeared on The Times Reporter: Health Problems Will Retire Dover Police Dog Rex