Health and Nutrition for The British Shorthair Cat Breed

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Many types of cat breeds have specific health problems and diseases, the only breed that does not are the British Shorthair cats. To find out what problems they may be prone to, it is recommended that you take them to a veterinarian on a regular basis. Making sure they are fully vaccinated and not have any of the common illnesses that most cats have can help sustain their lives and keep them happy and healthy.

Even so, one of the most common problems they face that pet owners may not notice until it’s too late is their weight issues. Their genetic makeup, love of food, and lazy behavior can make them obese very easily. This can then lead to other issues like sedentary lifestyle due to joint problems and be a painful experience for them.

When you see this, you can put them on a recommended weight management program that will be discussed with your veterinarian. You would be put on a high protein diet that is free from artificial ingredients, fillers, and genetically modified food groups. Many cat foods contain wheat and corn, which in large quantities can lead to drastic weight gain. It is highly recommended that you give them grain free foods and the best way to find out is to read the ingredients on the packaging of their food before buying it.

Examples of grain by-products

When searching for grain-free foods on pet store shelves, look out for ingredients that contain any of the following:

  • Corn
  • oats
  • Just
  • rye
  • hull
  • flour
  • strength
  • bran
  • rice

Wheat and anything related to the list above. Opt for raw, holistic foods like CBD, organic products as mentioned on this website. Always look at the food labels to see how your cat should be fed. This is always based on some criteria such as age, height, current weight and activity level.

It is also advisable to distribute the food servings to ensure that you don’t eat all of them at once. A great benefit of grain-free or gluten-free meals is that you play it safe if you don’t know if they are sensitive to these products. As some of these cats may have allergies to them. This ensures that you keep them safe from any problems.

There are also some foods we eat that can be given to them as well. We will discuss these below.

Human nutritional supplement to give to your British Shorthair

Did you know that some things we humans eat can be shared without furry friends, however skeptical some may be? Below are just a few of them:

Eggs: a great source of protein for humans, is also a great source for cats, and eggs are one of them. However, always boil the eggs and never give them raw.

Fish: With some of the best and highest omega-3s, fish can be a great meal for our kittens. It can help maintain their eyesight and help with problems like arthritis, heart and kidney disease. If you want to make them happy, resort to the cooked or canned varieties, but make sure you don’t give them the raw varieties like sushi.

Cheese: Another high protein snack and not a main meal is cheese. Although you should keep this to a minimal amount. Try a little bit first and see how they react as some of these moggies may be allergic or get diarrhea from dairy products. The same goes for milk, start with a small amount and see if it tastes good before adding a full bowl in front of you.

Vegetables: Yes, even vegetables are good for you. Not all cats like them, but being able to smuggle a few into their meals can help keep their bellies nourished. Fresh and steamed broccoli, cucumber, asparagus and melon are rich in vitamins, water and fiber. Stay away from garlic and onions.

Then there are the items to keep your distance from and these include:

  • chocolates
  • Sweets
  • alcohol
  • Bread dough
  • Raisins and grapes
  • Garlic and onions
  • Xylitol (any kind of artificial sweetener)

Not only are these bad for us humans, but also bad for them and can lead to massive digestive and health problems, as well as hair loss and more.

How to find out if your cat has allergies

When cats get these problems, it can sometimes lead to other problems, such as IBD or inflammatory diseases. Always invest in high quality and as close to nature as possible to minimize the risk of health conditions and extend life.

Giving them grain-free meals is not always a must, but if you find that after consuming some of these foods they develop scabs, bowel problems, hair loss, or itchy skin, it may be time to stop buying them and instead invest in a better, more organic and natural food substance like the Holistapet product brand.

Never overfeed them or give them too many treats just because you feel like it. When trying to avoid obesity, eat small and occasional amounts of food at all times throughout the day. The labels to look out for should be from the AAFCO – the Association of American Feed Control Officials, which states how much to give based on age and size.

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