Have You Seen This? Obese cat can’t stand her new gym routine

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Cinder Block is an obese cat who is now on a weight loss program that includes an underwater treadmill. (ViralHog, Youtube)

DAS GYM – Domestic cats need healthy routines to perform at their peak, just like most of us.

But cats can get a little chubby and out of shape for a variety of reasons. After all, who can say no to a cute kitten face when it begs for treats?

This particular kitten, known as Cinder Block, wasn’t in the best “stay slim” situation at home and was eventually turned over to a veterinarian. Unfortunately, upon arrival, the vet diagnosed Cinder as morbidly obese. But the good news is the vet knew what to do next to help this cute kitten get back into fighting shape – exercise.

If obese cats and dogs need help with weight loss in addition to changing their diet and playing more game, there are special water treadmills that will help them shed a few pounds without putting too much strain on their joints.

In this video, you can see that one fateful day, Cinder found herself on this type of treadmill and let’s just say it’s not the lifestyle she was used to. Obviously she wasn’t going to quietly get into her new routine.

The poor girl can’t do much to fight back physically, so she throws herself in the corner and does exactly what I do in my workouts – the bare minimum with lots of lawsuits. Whether it’s right or wrong to laugh, the scene is delightfully hilarious.

Yes, it’s clear that this situation isn’t funny when it comes to Cinder’s health, but that doesn’t mean we can have a little joy in her journey. After all, we know Cinder Block is in a place where she can now get the care she needs.


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