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1. Alicia Pet Care Center

25800 Jeronimo Road, Suite 100, Mission Viejo; 949-768-1313;

Acupuncture – yes, acupuncture – for Alfie or laproscopic surgery for Leo. Concierge service for Charlie, dental work for Daisy or Boarding Brutus. Alicia Pet Care Center offers all of these services – and many that other clinics cannot or will not offer.

Tim Wheaton, the office manager and younger brother of clinic owner Dr. Matthew Wheaton, who bought Alicia Pet Care in 2000, said Alicia Pet Care is based on four pillars: patient care, customer service, hospital efficiency and employee satisfaction. For patient care, Alicia Pet Care’s seven veterinarians offer the usual services for small animals, such as: B. Gunshots, castration, nursing, veterinary dentistry, surgery and prevention.

But Alicia Pet Care goes beyond the basics. Three of the staff’s veterinarians perform acupuncture, which can help dogs and cats with everything from pain relief to gastrointestinal problems to epilepsy. The clinic prides itself on its laproscopic surgical skills, which, according to Tim Wheaton, are only performed by 10% of veterinary hospitals.

“Each of our doctors performs laproscopic operations. That’s another big thing that sets us apart, ”said Tim Wheaton. “We also have six registered veterinary technicians on staff. Other hospitals are having trouble getting one. Getting through is not an easy class. “

Alicia Pet Care has three state-of-the-art operating rooms for these operations. Operations are available by appointment until 7:00 p.m. One of the clinic’s surgeons is board certified, which means he must complete a three-year residency and submit published research, and meet specific training and case loading requirements.

Alicia Pet Care’s vets also provide behavioral advice for troubled pets, as well as referrals to trainers and veterinary behavioral specialists for more difficult cases. In addition to a complete pharmacy, the clinic has a concierge service that delivers food and medication to the patients’ homes.

2. Friendly veterinary clinic

6832 Edinger Ave., Huntington Beach; 714-784-0680;

This two vet clinic has all of the services you would expect from a full service veterinary hospital. Drs. Rick Kohltfarber and Long Tran perform dental care, spay and neuter surgery, vaccinations, checkups, orthopedic surgery, ultrasound and digital radiography, emergency treatment and care.

However, the Friendly Animal Hospital is digging deeper into diagnosing what is wrong with your pet. It has a blog that will keep you up to date on everything from keeping your pet safe on vacation to keeping your pet cool in the heat. The information answers many of the most pressing questions all pet owners have at some point, including the myriad benefits of spaying or neutering your pet. In addition, the Friendly Animal Hospital makes animal dermatology a key to its practice.

Another service it offers is radiosurgery, which doctors believe goes beyond typical laser surgery in that it helps reduce bleeding and recovery time.

3. San Juan Veterinary Clinic

32391 San Juan Creek Road, San Juan Capistrano; 949-493-1147;

Under the direction of Dr. Randall Bondurant, who started a multi-doctor practice in Atlanta before moving to California in 2011, the 55-year-old San Juan Animal Hospital is one of two Orange County’s veterinary hospitals that have owned continuous membership for more than 25 years the American Animal Hospital Association.

The AAHA limits membership to small veterinary clinics that adhere to strict standards of patient care, customer service, diagnostic testing, facility maintenance, and other care and service measures.

Bondurant’s extensive range of services includes the full range of pet care: full physical exams, on-site labs, enhanced x-rays, low risk vaccines, full dental care, laser surgery, cardiology, a full pharmacy, allergy treatment, internal medicine, fertility and maternity care, emergency services and Emergency pet care, behavioral and dermatology issues, and boarding school care.

In addition, he has a full Rolodex of specialists who are available by referral.

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