Greater than 50 canine rescued from Texas snow storms now searching for houses in Toronto

The snowstorms that devastated Texas and other parts of the United States unprepared for winter weather like this left many in the cold without water and electricity, including hundreds of shelter animals.

As residents continue to help each other through the crisis, rescue operations are also being conducted to help animals in need of rehabilitation during the crisis – organizations like the Canadian Canadian Redemption Paws, who have just brought more than 50 dogs from western Texas to Toronto and is working to find all suitable pet parents.

One of the puppies on Canadian soil for the first time. Photo of Redemption Paws.

A total of 54 dogs covered 2,500 km this week with the help of rescue teams from Texas. The Redemption Paws team, thankfully considered indispensable workers during the pandemic, met them just over the Canadian-US border in Detroit and brought the animals back to Ontario on Tuesday evening.

“We regularly bring dogs from Texas, but our shelter partners had no heat or electricity and the dogs were in extreme situations,” Nicole Simone, founder of Redemption Paws, told blogTO.

“The dogs were brought on board Monday to be driven to Canada and are now being distributed to nursing homes.”

Dog rescue

Lucida is one of more than 50 dogs soon to be adopted from Texas in Ontario.

The mission was perhaps more terrifying than usual, given the urgency of the Texas situation and the need for rescuers to adhere to health and safety protocols.

There were only five employees together at a time, masking and physical distancing were strictly enforced, and everyone involved in the rescue has now been quarantined for 14 days.

The dogs, however, will be available for adoption in the coming days.

Dog rescue

The rescue workers seem to be very well adjusted to their new life in the Canadian foster family. Photo of Redemption Paws.

Anyone interested in one of the precious pooches can learn more about each dog and how to apply for foster care or adoption on the rescue social media.

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