Greater than 30 cats rescued from deplorable situations in Monroe County

FRENCHTOWN TOWNSHIP, Me. (WTVG) – Nearly three dozen cats are safe after being rescued from a Monroe County home. About a dozen of these cats were found on the roof and needed urgent medical attention.

“The conditions were pretty dire,” said Penny Bly, founder of Friends of Companion Animals. “It was the worst I’ve ever seen.”

Bly said her animal rescue organization received a call for help after a dozen cats were found on the roof of the Frenchtown Township home.

“We were contacted by a postman who saw cats on the roof of a house,” Bly said.

Inside, the conditions were unfortunate. Bly said she couldn’t show photos, but many of the cats were covered in feces and needed medical treatment.

“We had a couple of cats that got frostbite because there was no heat in the house, so we had one cat that had a tail that had to be amputated,” Bly said.

Friends of Companion Animals is the only all cat rescue in Monroe County, with the facility to house up to 120 cats in the building. Your mission is to care for and limit the cat population.

The cost of restoring cat health is increasing, which is why donations are always welcome, according to Bly.

“They get fixed, vaccinated, tested, rabies, all that stuff,” Bly said.

The rescued cats are ready and waiting for their home forever.

“We’ve already adopted two of the cats,” said Bly. “They’ve just been through a lot and were really scared, but they’re not wild.”

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