Greater than 100 cats and canine seized from Perthshire farm, court docket advised

A Manchester businessman has appeared on trial on charges of neglecting dozens of animals on an illegal dog breeding farm in Perthshire.

Daanyall Chowdhury is alleged to have failed to receive adequate treatment for dogs and cats in South Cairnies near Glenalmond, causing them psychological problems and unnecessary suffering.

The 28-year-old, who runs a security dog ​​shop called the K9 Cube, is believed to have exposed animals to loose electrical cords and unsanitary conditions, and inadequate ventilation, light and water.

Chowdhury appeared at the Perth Sheriff Court on Friday and denied all charges against him.

South Cairnies Farm

The court heard that around 65 dogs were confiscated from the farm in October as part of an operation by the Scottish SPCA.

Finance deputy David Currie said some of the dogs were pregnant and have since given birth, bringing the total number of animals to over 100.

Interim ban

Chowdhury, whose address was given as Meldon Road, Manchester, will face trial in July.

He has received a temporary ban on keeping, trafficking or transporting animals “with the exception of incidental contacts” that he may have in the course of his employment.

It is alleged that a person responsible for animals has, by act or omission, caused unnecessary suffering by not receiving adequate care or treatment, and not receiving veterinary advice or treatment for a range of health conditions.

According to court records, the animals involved were a black and brown German Shepherd dog named Sophie – also known as Stacy – who had chronic skin conditions, wounds between the toes, hair loss and overgrown nails.

It is further alleged that another dog in his care, a Spanish Mastiff female named Dolly, suffered from dermatitis, eczema, an infected wound, hair loss and a matted coat.

Chowdhury is also accused of not receiving adequate treatment for a bengal cat named Bella or T, who had eye conditions, breathing problems, and neurological conditions including severe ataxia.

It has since died.

It is believed that six dogs – Vixen, Sky, Sheba, Simba, Lexi, and Kilo – had orthopedic conditions including dysplasia and that dogs Vixen, Holland, Flame and Property had ear problems.

Six dogs – referred to as Flame, Kilo, Nancy, Coco, Roxy, and Diago in court documents – allegedly suffered from dental diseases such as broken teeth.

Chowdhury continues to be charged with not treating 16 cats, including one who died with ear mite infestation and conjunctivitis.

Suffering and need

The largest charge he has faced states that between June 24, 2019 and October 28, 2020, he did not take the steps reasonable in the circumstances to ensure that the needs of 33 dogs, 17 puppies and 15 cats were met by not providing them with adequate surroundings.

It is believed that he exposed the animals to diarrhea, feces, urine, loose and exposed electrical wiring, and garden litter hazards, and did not provide them with adequate rest areas, dry bedding, and adequate protection from the elements.

Prosecutors accuse Chowdhury of inadequately ventilating, lighting, hydrating and feeding some of the animals.

It is claimed that several animals were not properly separated.

Chowdhury has been accused of not allowing them to “display normal behavior” or providing a hygienic environment.

It is alleged that he failed to protect a number of animals from diseases such as zootonic pathogens, other health conditions and ailments, including psychological distress.

Prosecutors allege that between June 24th and October 28th last year, Chowdhury ran a kennel for dogs on the farm that was not properly licensed.

Chowdhury, who tended not to be guilty of all nine charges, is due on trial in July.

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