Grayson County Bobcat killed in traffic positive for rabies

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Virginia (WDBJ) – UPDATE: Mount Rogers Health District says a bobcat that was hit by a driver and killed in the area is rabies.

“Even if you or a pet / cattle have recently had encounters with a bobcat, PLEASE call the health department immediately.”

Mount Rogers Health District(Mount Rogers Health District)

PREVIOUS HISTORY: A bobcat was hit and killed on the road in Grayson County this week, and investigators now believe it is the same cat that attacked a group of people.

The cat was killed early Thursday morning near Fox Creek Road in Mouth of Wilson, near where at least one attack had taken place the day before, according to Grayson County Sheriff Richard Vaughn. The bobcat was sent to the Mount Rogers Health District for a rabies test; the results may take a few days.

The sheriff said it was very rare for bobcats to attack people.

One person had what Vaughn called “extensive injuries” after pulling the cat from his friends and wrestling with it. He was flown to a hospital and released after treatment.

Cattle and dogs were also attacked in “multiple reports of a bobcat attacking humans and animals” according to the health district.

Mount Rogers Health District wrote: “As always, residents are urged to exercise caution when encountering wild animals. Please call the Grayson County Health Department at 276-773-2961 if you have had any worrying wildlife encounters, particularly if you or domesticated animals have encountered this bobcat.

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