‘Grandfather’ of Homeless Animals Graduates From Veterinary Program to Look after Stray Canines

The “grandfather” of homeless animals was recognized for his voluntary efforts to care for stray dogs. After graduating from a veterinary medicine program in the 1970s, he now travels hundreds of miles a week to take care of her.

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The Turkish Fevzi Uyar has retired after 42 years in his career as a biology teacher and has devoted himself to animals in need for five years.

He has looked after many stray dogs – including building over 80 plywood shelters to house them during the winter months. To each, he adds carpets and blankets for insulation and comfort.

Uyar also travels more than 90 miles every two days to provide food and water to homeless dogs. With the help of other animal lovers, he delivers eight to ten tons of dog food and feed to strays every month. Up to 1,000 dogs now recognize his van and follow him on the route of the food stops that he has set.

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Uyar frequently encountered animals in need of medical attention and owed the local veterinarian several thousand dollars. In order to continue providing care, he enrolled in a veterinary program despite his higher retirement age. The 71-year-old, who recently graduated, vaccinates, treats and cares for all wounds.

For his efforts to give stray animals a better life, Uyar received the first Gladiator Award from the Babbitt Family Foundation. They say, “We hope that Mr. Uyar’s story will inspire you to discover how ‘one person can help change the world and benefit all humanity’.”

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If you’d like to nominate someone for a Gladiator Award, you can stop by here.

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