Good Samaritan steps in to help undernourished dog rescued from roof of Stellenbosch University

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A dog was rescued from the roof of the engineering faculty building at Stellenbosch University on Monday. (included)

  • A dog was rescued from the roof of the Faculty of Engineering at Stellenbosch University.
  • The dean of the faculty sponsors the dog food for one year.
  • The estimated cost will be between R5,000 and R10,000.

A dog rescued from the roof of the engineering faculty building at Stellenbosch University will receive the goodwill of the dean.

The malnourished dog came into the care of an animal welfare organization. The dean of the university’s engineering faculty will sponsor the dog food for one year.

“[I decided to sponsor it], as a gesture of goodwill and to ensure that the dog is well looked after, “said Professor Wikus van Niekerk on his personal Twitter account.

The Faculty of Engineering will donate food for this dog for a year, just contact us to make the necessary arrangements.

– Wikus van Niekerk (@wikusvanniekerk) January 4, 2022

The dog was rescued on Monday after the animal welfare society Stellenbosch (AWSS) received a call from Campus Security.

Inspector Rudy Bergstedt was dispatched. The dog was not found immediately, so Bergstedt later came back with food and water.

“The fire station and Rudy found her in a room and he quietly pulled a leash and took her to the shelter,” said AWSS executive director Lorna Hughes.

“There were a lot of feathers and Rudy thinks she might have survived with a few pigeons,” she said.

The dog named Sky was found malnourished. It is currently in the care of Sighthound Rescue SA.

How the dog got on the roof and how long it stayed there was unknown, according to the spokesman for the Stellenbosch city council, Stuart Grobbelaar.

Stellenbosch Fire and Rescue said it wasn’t sure how long the dog was stuck on the roof either, as they weren’t notified until Monday, according to station commander Kenny Alberts.

“I think she’s been there for a while because she was very thin,” said Alberts.

The dog is still underweight and is being fed three times a day.

According to Hughes, the roughly 1-year-old rescued greyhound was named Sighthound Rescue SA (SRSA) Sky – short for Skywalker – by her new foster mother.

“Her sterilization is tomorrow,” said Hughes.

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According to Van Niekerk, he will donate R5,000 to R10,000 to both AWSS and the person who Sky adopts.

“I’m sure SRSA will appreciate a few bags of food,” said Hughes.

Sky will be fostered with SRSA until she is satisfied that she is comfortable, her health is good, and she is ready to find a new home.

“SRSA usually sends the dogs to exercise as well. She is quite shy and slowly learns to trust people. [At SRSA], she will be safe and learn to mingle with other dogs, “said Hughes.