Global Veterinary Vaccines Market Outlook 2022-2028: Growing Use of Vaccines in the American and European Markets –

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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Global Veterinary Vaccines Market 2022-2028” report has been added to’s offering.

The global veterinary vaccines market is projected to register growth at a CAGR of 7.46% over the forecasted years 2022-2028.

The market’s growth is augmented due to factors such as the rise in the animal population & diseases and advancements in vaccines. Moreover, an increase in the demand for companion animals and the expansion of the animal healthcare market also boosts its growth.

Meanwhile, the lack of awareness, stringent legalities for vaccine use, and unavailability of skilled veterinarians impede the market’s development process.

On the contrary, the market is presented with fruitful opportunities such as expanding the animal healthcare market in Asia-Pacific, rising demand for companion animals, and the growing use of vaccines in the American and European markets.


The global veterinary vaccines market encompasses Europe, North America, the Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

Globally, the Asia-Pacific is estimated to show the fastest growth in the market over the forecasted years. The leading players in China and Japan focus on providing intensive care to their livestock due to the highest consumption of dairy and meat products. In this regard, the development of robust R&D has increased the production of vaccines, thereby supporting the market’s growth.

On the other hand, North America has presented itself as the leader in the veterinary vaccines market. The US is one of the biggest vaccine producers for companion animals, thus boosting the growth of the market.


The top players governing the veterinary vaccines market include Elanco Animal Health Inc, Virbac SA, Zoetis Inc, Phibro Animal Health, Merck Animal Health, Brilliant Bio Pharma, Hipra, Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH, Indian Immunologicals Limited, Ceva Sante Animale, Vaxxinova GmbH, and Hester Biosciences Ltd.

Brilliant Bio Pharma is an Indian-based animal health company engaged in animal vaccines, formulation, and nutrition. The company exports its products to more than 30 countries. Additionally, it uses the world’s most advanced vaccine manufacturing system, including bacterial fermentation, freeze-drying, cell propagation, virus culture, plant automation, etc. Rabac VET and FUTVAC are the main selling products in its animal vaccines range.

Key topics covered

1. Global Veterinary Vaccines Market – Summary

2. Industry Outlook

2.1. Impact of COVID-19 on the Veterinary Vaccines Market

2.2. key insights

2.2.1. Increasing Innovation by Market Participants

2.2.2. Advancements in Vaccine and Diagnostic Technology

2.3. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

2.3.1. Threat of New Entrants

2.3.2. Threat of Substitutes

2.3.3. Bargaining power of buyers

2.3.4. Bargaining power of suppliers

2.3.5. Threat of Competitive Rivalry

2.4. Market Attractiveness Index

2.5. Value chain analysis

2.6. Key buying criteria

2.7. regulatory framework

2.8. Vendor Scorecard

2.9. Key Market Strategies

2.9.1. Mergers & Acquisitions

2.9.2. Contracts & Agreements

2.9.3. Product launches

2.9.4. Expansions & Divestments

2.10. Market Drivers

2.10.1. High Vaccine Demand due to Increasing Animal Population and Diseases

2.10.2. Government Organized Vaccination Drives

2.10.3. Advanced Vaccine Research and Development

2.11. Market Challenges

2.11.1. Lack of Awareness and Scarcity of Skilled Veterinarians

2.11.2. Stringent Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Vaccine Use

2.12. Market Opportunities

2.12.1. Growing Use of Vaccines in the American and European Markets

2.12.2. Expansion of the Animal Healthcare Market in the Asia-Pacific

2.12.3. Rising Demand for Companion Animals

3. Global Veterinary Vaccines Market Outlook – by Animal Type

3.1. Livestock Animals

3.1.1. cattle

3.1.2. pigs

3.1.3. chicken

3.1.4. sheep

3.1.5. Other Livestock Animals

3.2. Companion Animals

3.2.1. canines

3.2.2. Feline

3.2.3. equine

3.3. aquaculture

4. Global Veterinary Vaccines Market Outlook – by Disease Type

4.1. Canine Disease

4.2. Porcine Disease

4.3. Bovine Disease

4.4. Poultry Disease

4.5. Aquaculture Disease

4.6. Other Disease Types

5. Global Veterinary Vaccines Market Outlook – by Product Type

5.1. Attenuated Vaccines

5.2. Inactivated Vaccines

5.3. toxoid vaccines

5.4. conjugate vaccines

5.5. DNA vaccines

5.6. Recombinant Vaccines

5.7. Subunit vaccines

6. Global Veterinary Vaccines Market – Regional Outlook

6.1. NorthAmerica

6.2. Europe

6.3. Asia Pacific

6.4. Latin America

7. Competitive Landscape

7.1. Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH

7.2. Brilliant Bio Pharma

7.3. Ceva Sante Animale

7.4. Elanco Animal Health Inc.

7.5. Hester Biosciences Ltd.

7.6. Hipra

7.7. Indian Immunologicals Limited

7.8. Merck Animal Health

7.9. Phibro Animal Health

7.10. Vaxxinova Ltd

7.11. Virbac SA

7.12. Zoetis Inc.

8. Research Methodology & Scope

8.1. Research Scope & Deliverables

8.2. Sources of Data

8.3. Research Methodology

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