Girl Gaga’s Canine Walker Particulars Well being Setback One Month After Capturing

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Ryan Fischer is not out of the woods yet. Lady GagaThe dog walker is giving a health update more than a month after he was shot in Hollywood, California when two of the singer’s French bulldogs were stolen.

On Monday March 29th, he announced that he had been hospitalized again after having a collapsed lung. He wrote on Instagram that he had an operation to “remove parts of my lungs,” remarking, “When I was rolled into the operation, I finally accepted that my recovery was far from being a straight line.”

Ryan was shot dead on February 24th and “bled out on a sidewalk,” as he put it. Gaga’s dogs, Which and Gustavwas safely recovered two days later after offering a $ 500,000 reward. At the time, Grammy winner thanked Ryan, “You risked your life to fight for our family. You are forever a hero.”

On March 1, he broke his silence and said he was “still recovering from a very close call with death”. The police have not yet arrested anyone related to the crimes.