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SPRINGFIELD, Mon. (KY3) – Keeping fleas and ticks at bay is a challenge, especially at this time of year. Your vet will tell you that preventive medicine is key. You can find some of these brands in stores and at your veterinarian’s. The price may vary. How do you know if you are getting a good deal and product?

Just because the price is great doesn’t mean you should buy it.

Mischelle Reynolds says her pets are everything.

“They are my best friends. They are my companions. They love me no matter if I have a good or a bad day,” she said.

Every month your animals get flea and tick protection.

Depending on how many pets you have, medications like these can cost you hundreds of dollars each year. You may find cheaper prices online, but experts say it’s risky. What it says on the label may not be true.

“They are re-labeled with the computer. You can do it, ”said Dr. Philip Brown of the Animal Care Center.

He says if you buy direct from your veterinarian, every box is traced. There is also a good chance you can get a guarantee from the company.

Do your due diligence. Follow directions.

“The problem is, it’s not the only treatment. It’s the repetition of doing it all the time, ”he said.

Your pet, or even you, could get sick. Treating these diseases is more expensive than flea and tick prevention drugs.

Vets Say On Your Side that they are trying to compete with online prices.

Ask about discount programs.

Like any other drug, these products have expiration dates.

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