Get a complete picture of your cat’s oral health with a $68 Basepaws test

Cats … well, they just don’t care what you think. Sure, they love you in their own way. But they have their own agenda. And what you want … is usually low on your priority list, even if it’s in your own best interest.

This often includes personal health related things, including dental care. You can get one of these dog toothbrushes for a dog, but do you see a cat who put up with it for even a second? No. No you wouldn’t.

That’s why you have to be sneaky with the cats. Hit them with a Basepaws Cat Dental Health Test and you’ll get an accurate update on everything that’s going on in your cat’s mouth – and they won’t even try to open your hand when you try.

Of course, you’ll need to dab the inside of your cat’s mouth first. But if you can do that, just send the sample back to Basepaws and you will get a detailed screening report for three major dental problems in cats within weeks: periodontal disease like gingivitis and periodontal disease, tooth resorption, and the chronic adversary of most cat parents, bad breath.

Instead of waiting for those painful, or at least bothersome, dental problems to show up, the Basepaws test analyzes more than 1,000 microbes to find disease signatures before they become visible to the eye. That way, you’ll have a crucial leap in tackling dental problems in cats early on.

In the meantime, in addition to highlighting these dental problems, the report also highlights what your cat’s oral health says about their overall health. In addition to personalized recommendations for improvement and clinical care suggestions that you can share with your veterinarian, this report even identifies the top 5 plant and animal DNAs that appear in your cat’s mouth. So, if you are convinced that your cat is chewing on the fern or eating tiny critters in your home, this report will reveal them.

The Basepaws Cat Dental Health Test typically costs $ 79, but right now you can use the semi-annual sale code ANNUAL15 when you checkout to save 15 percent. That brings your total cost down to just $ 67.99.

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