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The civil case brought by Virginia Giuffre against Prince Andrew has been drawn to a close after the lawyers of both parties announced on Tuesday that they had “reached a settlement in principle”. Ms Giuffre accused the Duke of York of sexual abuse in connection to convicted sex traffickers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell. The Duke has always denied the allegations.

Talking to Dan Wootton, Mr Jobson described how Prince Charles may have ushered things along as he is “effectively the CEO of the family” after concerns for the Queen’s health resurfaced.

Mr Jobson said: “We are talking about the platinum jubilee and that is very important and I, like you Dan, believe that it’s an incredibly important year for the Queen.

“But I think that they’re looking beyond that.”

The royal author largely credits Prince Charles for this rather quick turn around with the case considering that Prince Andrew had been adamant to have his day in court and clear his name, despite suggestions that it would not be the best course of action.

Mr Jobson continued: “I think the Prince of Wales has shown wisdom here in saying ‘look, enough is enough. We’ve got to act and stop this and come out of it with at least the fact that you’re not going on the record … you’re not putting yourself in that position and you can try and walk away with some dignity . Not a lot, but some’.”

The Queen, 95, returned to in-person engagements on Wednesday and sparked concerns after a rare comment from the Monarch to her guests about feeling frail.

The Queen was pictured holding her walking stick that she was using at her platinum jubilee celebration in Sandringham and gesturing to her left leg saying “I can’t move”.

Jobson added that with Charles having to step up, the Queen is currently more like “chairman of the board.”

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“Then to go take it to a full trial where every excruciating detail will come out it will be pretty appalling.”

The royal editor of the Sunday Times, Roya Nikkhah, told 4 News that the royal family would have had “an enormous sigh of relief” and “the hope that they can draw a line under this at some point soon.”

Mr Jobson concluded his interview with Mr Wootton saying: “I believe if that went the wrong way, that trial and it quite easily could have done either way it would have lasting damage to the royal family and I think it would have been hugely damaged. ”

“It’s pretty bad, but if Andrew disappears off the scene for a while and stays out of sight, the chances are the Monarchy won’t be damaged itself.”

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