From Iceland — Canine Who Bit Lady At A Nightclub Will not Be Put Down

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Reykjavík Health Inspectorate is demanding that a dog that bit a woman in the X-ray nightclub last year not be knocked down, Vísir reports. The decision was made after evaluating the dog’s temperament.

Who let the dogs out?

The assessment report found, among other things, that the dog had stayed in the club for three hours at the time of the incident.

Negative environmental conditions, including noise, would have affected the dog’s well-being and make the dog unsafe.

When the dog was entered, it reacted by biting, causing the woman to get two stitches in the face.

A club is not a place for a dog

The veterinarian who conducted the temperament assessment said in his report that bites are always severe, but also stated that the dog’s owner was guilty of serious and reprehensible behavior by taking a dog to a nightclub.

On the other hand, the owner had promised compensation and improvement, and there was no need to request the dog’s killing, provided the owner was more aware of the dog’s situation and well-being. That way, it should be easy to prevent another bite.

The health inspectorate has informed the owner of the dog and the assaulted woman of their decision.

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