French Youth Fined €2,500 After Throwing Local Favourite Bobby The Cat Into Spinola Bay Sea

A French youth was fined after he was involved in a “cowardly” incident in which he threw an elderly cat into the sea. His arrest comes after several days of annoying Spinola Bay residents and his friends.

Brieux Reungoat, 21, was fined € 2,500 after pleading guilty to throwing a cat in the sea and causing it unnecessary harm, TVM reported.

The incident happened around 7:30 p.m. on June 9, when local residents and a LESA guard saw Reungoat throw the cat – a popular stray named Bobby – into the sea as a joke.

In court, Judge Donatella Frendo Dimech said Reungoat abused the innocent animal “cowardly” and said that such behavior had no place in modern society where animals should be cared for and not harmed.

“Dealing with animals is a mirror and a tangible measure of humanity, morality and courtesy,” she said.

Reungoat was part of a group of French teenagers who had been giving locals a headache for days.

A local resident described the youths as “drunk” and told Lovin Malta that the day before the attack on the cat, the youths boarded a large boat on land before “stealing” a small dinghy in the sea nearby in order to Driving and climbing other boats also between 1am and 3am.

The next day, the cat Bobby, described as “very friendly”, spoke to the young people who were near the sea behind the Cavalieri Hotel.

However, instead of petting the cat, they threw it into the sea. Bobby is an older cat, but he was able to make it back to land and escape the teenagers.

“He had to swim around Cavalieri and back to the beach to avoid drowning … thank goodness he’s a smart cat,” one resident told Lovin Malta.

The activist Pia Micallef also reported on the incident in a public post on social media and called for measures to be taken against the perpetrators.

The day after the incident, two LESA guards arrived at Spinola Bay with cat food to check the cat’s health. Fortunately, after Reungoat’s arrest, Bobby has returned to his former relaxed life in Spinola Bay.

What do you think of this crime?

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