Free cat desexing and health checks

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Animal Aid, our animal shelter, provides free pet services to eligible Knox residents to take care of their cats and prevent unwanted animals from entering our community.

Health or Pension Card holders in Knox are eligible for this program. A total of 100 female and 50 male cats receive free basic pet benefits.

The bookings are limited and are awarded according to the first-come-first-served principle. To make a booking for your cat, call Animal Aid at 8756 1300.

This program has the potential to prevent 316,000 unwanted cats and kittens from entering the community over a 4 year period. Helping people access de-sex services for their cats will help prevent animal homelessness.

“We know that the cost of our community can be a huge barrier when making the decision to disexer their pets – this program will allow our community to access desexing and health services without financial implications,” says Mark Menze. Animal Aid CEO.

We have worked closely with Animal Aid over the years to address animal welfare issues in our community, including reuniting lost pets with owners and animal homelessness.

Please visit the Animal Aid website for more information on this program.

You can find helpful resources for caring for your cat on our cat website.