Fox attack in Sanikiluaq kills two dogs as Nunavut warns of rabies danger

An aggressive fox in Sanikiluaq attacked two dogs and all three animals died, the Nunavut Health Department says.

The department issued a health advisory on Wednesday warning community residents to monitor their animals and be on the lookout for foxes in the area because of the rabies risk.

It was not said if the fox killed the dogs or if the dogs had to be euthanized because of rabies.

The department says anyone bitten or scratched by a fox or dog should go to the health center and report it immediately. Given the deadly nature of rabies, treatment must begin quickly.

“Any unsupervised dog could have a fox encounter, and dogs that owners claim are 100 percent supervised have had rabies,” the alert reads.

“Animals should be monitored for behavioral changes and signs of rabies.”

Signs include strange behavior, staggering, foaming at the mouth, making strange noises, or choking.

Anyone who has seen a fox or wolf in the community, or whose dog has had contact with one, should call the regional Environmental Health Officer at 867-645-6660 or the Conservation Officer at 867-975-1104.

The warning is one of many issued in Nunavut in recent months. Earlier this month, a dog in Iqaluit tested positive for rabies and rabid foxes have been found in the area. A fox in Arctic Bay also recently tested positive for rabies after coming into contact with a sled dog team.

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