Fountain Police Division welcomes new Remedy K9 canine

FOUNTAIN, Colorado (KRDO) – The Fountain Police Department is pleased to announce its newest addition, an old English Sheepdog named the Hulk.

The two-year-old dog is part of the department’s new therapy K9 program.

According to the FPD, the program was developed with the intention of reaching citizens on another level. Dogs are often great conversation starters and make officials more accessible to the community.

Therapy dogs are used to help people in times of crisis in the community and to support police officers in dealing with traumatic events. According to the FPD, dogs provide positive, social opportunities for law enforcement and help strengthen relationships within the community.

According to the FPD, research may show that visits to a therapy dog ​​can lower blood pressure and heart rate, reduce patient anxiety, and increase endorphin and oxytocin levels.

Around 250 law enforcement agencies have run therapy dog ​​programs across the county. These agencies report seeing benefits in their departments as well as in the communities they serve.

FPD said they reached out to the community about possibly starting a K9 therapy program and received an overwhelming response from several people interested in helping build the program.

Well Police Department

The Hulk was donated to the City of Fountain by the Bugaboo Old English Sheepdog Kennel, owned by breeders Health, Colton, Douglas and Michaelanne Johnson.

According to the FPD, the Hulk has already made a lasting impression on officers and citizens, and they are forever grateful to have him as part of their family.

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