Former breeding dog with ‘two huge hernias’ inspires Liverpool lecturer to raise more than £10,000

A dog inspired a Liverpool lecturer to sing and raised a huge amount of money for the local animal rescue center in the process.

Dr. John Walliss was first introduced to Flo, a former breeding dog, when she was in poor health.

The couple met through a Facebook group dedicated to the topic.Wechons’ – a cross between West Highland White Terriers crossed with a Bichon Frize – which John carries with him.

At that point, Flo’s carers were unsure whether she would survive much longer.

After numerous operations and when it looked like she was about to turn the corner, Flo died sadly.

John from Ellesmere Port told TeamDogs: ” She had two large hernias but could not be operated on because she also had an enlarged heart and pneumonia.

“Her carers took her to the Westie Walk and it really touched me how she seemed to be enjoying herself even though she had a really tough life.

“I was also touched by how much she belonged to other dogs who were deeply loved, but all of her life she had been used only for breeding and had never experienced that kind of affection.”

John pictured with his own dog

Well, the senior l Lecturer in criminology, uses his musical talents to raise money and help other dogs in a similar situation to Flo, and has raised over £ 10,000 to date.

When John isn’t writing about executions in 19th century England, he’s performing in Cheshire on his guitar.

The payments he receives from the venues for gigs go directly to Ark Angels and Many Tears Animal Rescue, two centers he learned through his Facebook group that they needed help.

He said, “I was really touched by Flo and her story and it is heartbreaking to see the faces and read the stories of some of the dogs that the rescue workers are taking care of.

“I always joke with people that I prefer dogs to humans, but I’m only partially kidding. Knowing that I’m helping dogs gives me focus when chasing and chasing gigs with venues and the occasions I am maybe just a few people play. “

The former breeding dog is said to have been John's inspiration

The former breeding dog is said to have been John’s inspiration

Dr. Walliss, who used feature in a Nirvana tribute band, says he played about three gigs every week before the initial lockdown.

His setlists regularly include covers from Oasis to Billy Joel, but he says people have been asking about ABBA lately.

You can find Dr. Listen to Walliss on some of the songs.

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