Forest dept seals 2 ayurvedic medicine shops in Kolhapur | Kolhapur News

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Kolhapur: A team of 12 from the forest authority searched two renowned Ayurveda medical shops in the city of Kolhapur near the KMC headquarters on Monday evening because they had illegally stored banned medicinal plants and animal parts in their shops.
The forest office confiscated the horns of sambar deer and some products made from parts of monitor lizards, and the two shops were sealed.
The team, consisting of the assistant forest conservator Sunil Nikam, the forest officer Ramesh Kamble, the forest officer of the mobile unit of the Sangli SV Khot, carried out the seven-hour raid on these two shops at the same time.
All Ayurvedic medicines and products for sale were confiscated and the two shops and their goods were sealed by the forest authorities. The seized drugs are sent to the laboratory for examination. Further research is carried out to find the suppliers of the animal products.