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MIAMI, April 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Max, founder of www.f1savannahkittens.com, who noticed the social media craze, started a cattery as a rescue group for African servals. He said, “I knew no one would step in to prevent these cats from overbreeding as they are so prevalent on social media. People love to shop for looks; unfortunately, uneducated owners meant a certain fate for these wild cats.” ” The problem we are trying to address is education. Unfortunately, servals and savanna breeders don’t seem to care about the money in their pockets. If African servals and F1 savannah cats are not raised in a certain way, it is for unprepared owners a nightmare when they stay indoors as adults.

75% F1 Savannah Cat + A cloudy bengal kitten from instagram.com/f1savannahs. F1 Savannah enjoys following, cuddling and chirping when people want something! F1 Savannah cats sometimes inherit the “chirp” of the African serval cat. Qualities that make Savannah cats great are their ability to swim, their affection, including taking care of their owners.

A famous fluffy French bulldog stud called in Miami, Florida called Baby. It is world famous for its structure, it is tiny and wears Isabella, blue and chocolate. With it he can create all color combinations of puppies. He is also famous for his eye color. He’s really unique for now, as the long haired French Bulldogs didn’t start breeding until the end of 2017. He is known to be extremely cute and laid back. For more information on Baby the fluffy French Bulldog, please visit instagram.com/fluffyfrenchiez

We started F1 Savannah Kittens to provide people with education and an alternative other than completely feral cat adoption. F1 Savannah cats are 50% African servals and 50% domestic cats. This leads to aggressive behavior and makes keeping a pet a lot easier for the average household.

“We never wanted to breed, we just had to give people an alternative to buying a cat that almost certainly wouldn’t be kept. The way we noticed breeders caging and breeding these cats made me upset. We began to expose every unethical breeder who did not raise and care for these animals with the love they deserve. The dog rescue community is much stronger. You can see they chase after sloppy dog ​​breeders. These cats need a voice to stand up for them. ”

People love Savannah cats because they have canine personalities, look like a cheetah, and are often quite large. They are an extremely intelligent breed, and many owners teach them tricks. They are easy to train to be kept on a leash. Unlike dogs, they are not as dependent on their owners. As normal cats, they too use a litter box. The first generation cats have been seen to grow up to 50 pounds. and 4 feet long! Real Deal F1 Savannahs go from $ 15,000 to $ 20,000.

Fluffy French Bulldogs
We started the Fluffy French Bulldog program at Fluffy-Frenchbulldogs.com when we realized how astronomical the prices of these dogs really were. The current market price for the rarest color is called “”isabella “visual long hair French Bulldog with a clear health panel is at a mind-boggling price of $ 250,000. Take off with the cheapest fluffy French Bulldogs $ 20,000. We figured if the pet industry was going to make that much money, it was time for someone to step in and use the proceeds to help save animals.

Fluffy French Bulldogs come in all colors: merle, blue, chocolate or coconut, black, white, cream, lilac or deer. Most breeders try to keep the French Bulldog as small as possible as they can be stubborn walkers at times. Our fluffy French Bulldog studs sport all of these colors so we can create a variety of lovely long haired French Bulldog puppies!

Our dazed bengal program was created to improve the temperament of these hypoallergenic cats and to lend a hand in the market to prevent the breed from becoming oversaturated. As we noted, the Bengal cats were bred with house cats so that amateur breeders could make money quickly. We decided to control the narrative for what it really means to be a thoroughbred Bengal. We breed our Bengal cats for giant multi-colored rosettes to reflect the pattern on jaguars and cloudy leopards. Bengal cats come in mink, silver, gray, charcoal, blue, white or snow and in various shades of brown. You can view our cats at www.bengalcatbreeder.com and www.savannahf1.com


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