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Annual conference, 8.-11. July, Orlando


Dr. Philip Richmond

Veterinarian of the year
Dr. Philip Richmond (Florida ’06), New Port Richey. Dr. Richmond practices at the Country Oaks Animal Hospital in New Port Richey. He is particularly interested in anesthesia and pain therapy, dentistry, soft tissue and orthopedics, radiology and cardiology. Dr. Richmond chairs the FVMA Wellness and Well-Being Committee and the FVMA Outreach Committee. He supports medical professionals in recovery from addiction.

Dr.  WoodbyDr. John Steven Woodby

Award for excellent service
Dr. John Steven Woodby (Tennessee ’81), Miami. Dr. Woodby is the founder of the Calusa Crossing Animal Hospital in Miami. He is the past President of the VMA in South Florida and served on the FVMA Outreach Committee for more than two decades, chairing it from 2010 to 2018. Dr. Woodby provides peer assistance to veterinarians with addiction who are injured, impaired, or frail.

Dr.  WhitlockDr. Janet Whitlock

Award for his life’s work
Dr. Janet Whitlock (Iowa State ’76), Sarasota. Dr. Whitlock is the founder of the Beneva Animal Hospital in Sarasota, which is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. She also helped set up an emergency clinic in Sarasota County. Dr. Whitlock is a past president of the FVMA and Southwest Florida VMA.

Award from the President
This prize was awarded posthumously to Philip Hinkle (see obituary, October 15, 2020, JAVMA). Hinkle began working for FVMA in 1986 as Director of Finance and Membership. He became the association’s executive director in 2007, and held that position through 2020. Hinkle was a veterinarian, veterinary technician, practice manager, and veterinary assistant attorney in Florida.

Gold Star Awards
Drs. Mario Cabrera, Margate; Melanie Donofro, Tallahassee; Robert Encinosa, river view; Robert B. Swinger, Fort Lauderdale; and Abigail Walls, Orange Park


DR. SutliffDr. Richard SutliffDr.  ListaDR. Marta P. Lista

Drs. Richard Sutliff, Bradenton, President; Marta P. Lista, West Miami, President-Elect; Donald H. Morgan, Largo, Treasurer; Mary Smart, Bradenton, immediate past president; and AVMA delegate and deputy delegate – Dr. Ernest C. Godfrey, Pinellas Park, and Richard B. Williams, Jacksonville

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