Fireplace division attempting to reunite canine with proprietor

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – An unexpected visitor arrived at a fire station in Charleston this weekend.

Firefighters say a small, elderly female dog showed up in Ward two of the Charleston Fire Department.

The crews say she has a collar and does not appear to be malnourished. They speculate that she wasn’t away from her owner for long.

A Charleston City clerk looked after the pooch overnight.

Firefighters say they took them for several walks near the fire station but haven’t found their owner yet.

“She appears to be in good health; not malnourished at all. I don’t think she was gone long. We really hope the owner sees this and can contact us, and we can get them back into the hands of the owner, ”said Chief Shawn Wanner of the Charleston Fire Department. “She is a really cute bitch. Really just hope the owner sees this – we can get it out, or if someone sees this dog on the news and realizes, “Hey, this could be the dog like this,” please get in touch and let us know Hopefully we can get them back into the right hands. “

The dog is currently at the train station at 808 Virginia Street West.

Anyone with information that could reunite the pooch with its owner is encouraged to call the Charleston Fire Department Administration Office at 304.348.8173.

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