Firefighters work to rescue dog that jumped off the top of a 5-story parking garage in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (KKTV) – Somehow, a 110-pound Great Dane survived after jumping off a 5-story parking garage in Colorado Springs.

The jump was made in downtown Colorado Springs south of the Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts. Thankfully, the puppy didn’t fall the full five floors after landing on the roof of a two-story building.

According to the fire department on site, the dog was on a leash when he decided he had to jump. The dog was generally in good health with the only visible injury being a cut on the lip.

#ColoradoSpringsFire Truck 1 is on the scene of a dog rescue at Sahwatch St 255. A 110-pound Great Dane jumped from the top of a 5-story parking garage onto the roof of a 2-story building. Truck 1 works with our partners at Animal Control to rescue and treat the dog.

– CSFD PIO (@CSFDPIO) December 18, 2021

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