‘Finian the Cat’ recovering after profitable surgical procedure

GRAND RAPIDS, me. – We have an update tonight on ‘Finian the cat’ which is recovering well after surgery.

He came to Crash’s Landing after being found almost frozen to death in Cedar Springs a few weeks ago.

He was operated on several times on Thursday.

He was neutered, had multiple teeth pulled, rinsed an ear, nose, and eye socket, amputated the tip of his tail, and even had another bath.

He still has some internal parasites that the vet wants to get rid of, but he has gained a few pounds since stepping in.

Finian loves to eat and is really enjoying his new sweaters.

“It’s really cool because the girls here at work see the changes every day and when they have a few days off and come in – because I bring it with me every day – they are just amazed,” said vet Dr. Jennifer Gillum from Crash’s Landing.

She said Finian was running around the clinic like he owned the place.

“To be spunky in the stretcher, he just sat there and drove quietly and quietly, and now he said, ‘Let me out; I have things to do. ‘It’s heartwarming; This is why we get into veterinary medicine and save ourselves to see this transformation and be able to participate in it, ”said Dr. Gillum.

Gillum tells us the donations for Finian keep flowing and have already reached $ 4,000.

Not sure if he will ever be adopted for health reasons, and he may even become the clinic’s new ambassador.

PHOTOS: Finian the Cat Update

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