Finian the cat makes ‘leaps and bounds’ in progress after almost freezing to demise

GRAND RAPIDS, me. – Finian the cat has been jumping since she almost froze to death.

A woman took him to Crash’s Landing, a local animal rescue facility, nine days ago after she found him in Cedar Springs.

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He weighed about four and a half pounds at the time.

Now Finian is 6.88 pounds – and is eating his weight canned every day, his vet says.

Finian’s update of the frozen cat

Crash landing


Crashes landing

The vet will move on to the next step of his treatment on Thursday, which will include anesthesia, rinsing Finian’s ear canals to treat his otitis media, and pulling out his rotten teeth.

Finian also has an exposed bone on his amputated tail, but that doesn’t seem to bother him too much and may not need addressing.

Crash’s Landing has raised more than $ 2,000 in donations since Fox 17 told Finian’s story last week.

He also received many donated blankets and sweaters.


Crashes landing

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